We supply & install skill tester machines on your site.
Ongoing maintenance and stocking of machines is included, and we pay you for the privilege!

About Us

Have you ever wanted to make some extra income from that useless corner in your venue?

Prime Vending Australia currently operate skill tester machines in various shopping centres, RSL clubs, and other popular venues throughout NSW. Primarily we are in the New England/North West region, however we also regularly head down to the Hunter/Newcastle area.

We can supply and install a Skill Tester on your site, free of charge. These can be stocked with various prizes such as plush toys, lollies, balls, or of course chocolate! The machines are popular with young and old players, and can generate a surprising amount of revenue. We will re-stock the machines as necessary and pay you a commission for the sales your site has generated.

Best of all this is a cash business - you will never have to chase people for money or wait for the EFTPOS reconciliation.

Contact us today to discuss a tailored solution for your business & add another thrill for your customers!

Lucas Holloway
ph. 0437 771 534